December 01, 2014

fifa 15 coins are false negatives

Beijing yesterday, FIFA confirmed Japan National referee Nishimura Yuichi in fifa 15 coins Brazil's World Cup opening match Brazil against Croatia during the game there are false negatives, but the same day, Mexico and Cameroon match, Mexico two goals disallowed, while Spain and the Netherlands the focus of battle, Italy people Rizzoli suspected miscarriage of a penalty kick awarded to the defending champion. Brazil World Cup has just begun, refereeing has one after another. Due to major events, law enforcement arrangements and adheres to the "people-oriented" principle, unswervingly so FIFA for man-made mistakes liable other than orally corrected, problems won't kill the referee head of FIFA's Referees Committee, Switzerland yesterday publicly rated xicunxiong a Busacca.

In his native place, succession to the throne than the appointment system of the Chinese Football Association is also harder, Harman Fuk, spirit, carrying huge sums of money into football power games, end of the cannon on the occasion of the first year of the new century, elected AFC President, no need to doubt the impartiality of AFC elections that year and, of course, do not have to doubt the AFC like a rich man. Harman when, only dared to challenge him, pockets equally drums of Korea who plies. The economic base determines the superstructure.

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