March 19, 2015

WildStar platniumt match between China

Just finished watching half of football WildStar platniumt match between China and North Korea in Asian Cup, and the Asia Cup in Australia watching the game live on the Chinese team for the first time since the start, in fact, is going to be before the Chinese team two victorious mood infection, feel the need to know the current state of the Chinese team, I think it will re-establish confidence in Chinese football is a very good chance. Contact last night to watch Korea and Australia's game, does have an overall sense that the Chinese team is closer with the world advanced level, while North Korea's "gaffe", instead a lot of concerns. Remembered in South Africa around the North Korean team during the World Cup if the losing player would have been sent to dig coal joke, thought the North Korean team three matches without not knowing what kind of punishment being Kim Jong-UN, indeed to worry about their players and last year Beijing's APEC in Australia Brisbane to host the 20-nation Summit, we felt Australia's beautiful and rich. Today can hold more than 20,000 people from Canberra stadium is a red ocean view, showing how many Chinese in China's reform and opening up over more than 30 years has been integrated into Australia.

It's like home in China, China's team final 2:1 defeated the North Korean team, the commentator also said after a three-game losing streak by North Korea to return to face the pressure, and a three-game winning streak in stark Buy wildstar platniumt contrast to the team. Should say it is the result of introduction of Chinese Football League system and professionalization efforts, the Chinese soccer after match-fixing and black whistles and lore of chaos, and then pick up, and improvement of national economic power is also an important reason, another leader's attention, this is an important factor of China's football. Further internationalization is especially football, making our football skills and adequate use and recognition of the concept, now the national team level and conditions are far much higher than Milutinovic led to qualify for the World Cup.

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